BALTIMORE, MD - idX impressions Baltimore, one of the industry's leading providers of signage, banners and P.O.P., continues to expand its capabilities with new state-of-the-art printing and cutting technology. idX Impressions is the décor and graphics division of idX Corporation, the preeminent manufacturer of consumer environments.

To enhance productivity, the newly expanded Baltimore facility has added two new, high-tech EFI printers and a versatile Esko digital finishing machine.

"This state-of-the-art technology now means idX Impressions can produce a superior quality product at a much higher speed than traditional equipment," said idX Impressions Director of Print Operations Rick Cordeau.

Cordeau said that the printers print on both rigid board and rolled material, allowing greater scheduling flexibility.

"With the ability to print up to 2 inches thick, 10.5 feet wide, and almost no limit in length, there are very few restrictions on what can be produced on these grand format printers," Cordeau said. "Additionally, as a Certified G7 Master Printer, we're able to match brand-specific colors and consistently deliver a uniform appearance across any medium."

The new printers also provide greener, more energy-efficient printing, using "cool" LED inkjet curing technology. Recently, a European printing research organization found that the new printers reduce energy use by up to 82% compared with UV inkjet printers that use conventional mercury arc lamps.

The new finishing machine features enhanced spindle technology for improved throughput. The cutter handles tougher substrates at a much higher speed than the previous generation and can process a wide range of materials, including corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, coating blankets, wood and a long list of plastics.

"idX is committed to investing in new technology and processes that provide our clients with superior craftsmanship and innovative solutions," said idX CEO Terry Schultz. "The new equipment at idX Impressions Baltimore extends our print capabilities, allowing our highly creative team to become even more innovative in the solutions we offer."

Source: idX impressions Baltimore

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