Hardwood Forestry Fund seeking administrator

Job Title: Administrator
Location: Reston, VA
Job Status: part-time - hourly (benefits)
Job Summary: Administer the day to day operations of the Hardwood Forestry Fund, a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational foundation, which plants hardwood forests in partnership with natural resource agencies with funds donated by individuals, corporations, foundations, and other grants. Under the guidance of the Hardwood Forestry Fund’s Board of Directors, fundraising is the principal responsibility of this position.
Job Duties or Responsibilities: (percentage of time spent on activity)
Development - Fundraising (60%)

Corporate- including establishment of partnerships with retailers to promote their sustainability, green programs.
Individual –create easier mechanisms through social networking websites to provide funds
Grant writing and follow up reporting with foundations and GO’s.
Tree Planting Project Oversight (20%)

Seek quality project applications from natural resource professionals utilizing NASF, SAF, and other networks.
Prepare Review Packages for submitted applications for evaluation by the Board’s Project Review Committee for consistency with HFF’s objectives.
Maintain contact with grant awarded project managers for photos, reports, and review invoices for accuracy and reimbursement.
Administrative (20%)

Responsible for handling phone and email inquiries
Posting website updates
Create and maintain databases – for fundraising and planting projects
Approve invoices for grants and other bills for HPVA provided accounting services.
Assist with annual audit questions and insure that HFF is up to date on federal non-profit reporting
Schedule Board of Directors meetings and prepare support materials
Media outreach
Represent HFF at conventions, coordinate booth space
Relationship to other Positions: Works under the direction of Hardwood Forestry Fund Board of Directors, a 25 member volunteer Board representing forest products industry, academia, and public natural resource agencies.
Job Requirements: B.A. in marketing or sales, 2- yr experience with fundraising, associated administrative and database management experience. Internet savvy.
The ideal candidate will be an energetic, organized, self-starter with marketing and sales acumen, strong verbal and written communication skills, innovative thinker in expanding the financial support base of the fund, have computer skills for database management (currently use MS Access and MS Excel) and website updates and maintenance (currently use Wordpress), and willingness to be a steward of the HFF’s resources. Some travel required. Experience in the forest products industry a plus.

SOURCE: Hardwood Forestry Fund

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