Atlanta — Hanwha L&C | Surfaces, the leading global manufacturer of quartz and acrylic solid surfaces, announced today the value gained from a recent focus group conducted with industry architects and commercial and residential designers. Held in Atlanta, GA, this focus group was conducted to gain feedback about new product colors and upcoming trends in the quartz and solid surface marketplace.

Co-hosted by Hanwha Surfaces distributor, Wilsonart International – a leading producer of decorative surfacing products ? the focus group was comprised of commercial and residential designers and surfaces industry leaders. The participants’ goal of the focus group was to share information that Hanwha Surfaces designers can use as they gear up for a successful 2011. Hanwha Surfaces and Wilsonart representatives gleaned valuable insight to ensure they stay abreast of the ever-changing quartz and solid surfaces marketplace.

“Creating products that stem from industry leaders’ feedback ensures that Hanwha Surfaces is providing the quartz and solid surfaces products that will help the end user achieve their goals,” said Hanwha Surfaces Product Designer Lisa Herreth. “We understand the value of listening to new ideas and feedback from industry leaders and welcomed the opportunity to meet with them to learn what we can do to help them be successful. Listening to our clients is paramount to our success and we look forward to incorporating many of their suggestions in the coming year,” she said.

Participants engaged in a variety of surveys and discussion groups where they had the opportunity to provide insight about the latest industry trends and applications for Hanwha Surfaces’ products. As a result of these in-depth discussions, the focus group participants said 2011 is trending toward more monotone colors, layered and unique patterns and the growing need for products made from recyclable materials.

“This designer focus group was a perfect vehicle to involve the Atlanta architecture and design community in a brainstorming session,” said Wilsonart International Specifications Sales Representative David May. “Our architects and designers are very hands on and love to know how a product is made, how best to use it, how to improve it and most importantly, how to influence the direction of its design,” he said.


About Hanwha L&C | Surfaces

Hanwha Surfaces, based in Atlanta, GA, sells and markets high-quality surfacing products under HanStone Quartz and Hanex Solid Surfaces brand names. HanStone Quartz is the company's flagship product that led to the opening of a state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada.

Hanwha Surfaces is a division of Hanwha Living & Creative (Hanwha L&C), the North American subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korean conglomerate. The multibillion dollar firm deals in a diverse range of industries, including chemicals, plastics, machinery, telecommunications, biotechnology, finance and building materials.

SOURCE: Hanwha L& C Surfaces

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