Häfele brands generate trust

In recognition of the value of brands and a growing interest in Häfele Engineering services, the German, Nagold-based specialist for hardware technology and electronic locking system moves to bundle its products, expertise and services. Eight new product category brands, each with a unique business plan, were created to fall under the umbrella of the Häfele brand. The company thereby assumes full responsibility for the entire product category providing a guarantee of quality and the added benefit of the entire range of services that are available to its partners in the furniture industry. This new brand strategy was realized in new international Häfele catalogue for industrial clients.

Dialock is Häfele’s brand for the transponder-technology based access control system for exterior and interior doors as well as furniture. It is an invention of Häfele’s manufacturing subsidiary Sphinx and is manufactured to German quality standards.

epc is the category brand name for engineered products & components offering quality assurance and an excellent price/ performance ratio. epc encompasses products that Häfele procures in industrial quantities according to the specifications of its customers. Häfele manages the process from idea to timely delivery of the finished product.

ixconnect is brand name for the world’s most comprehensive and successful furniture connector and shelf support product range. Other brands that fall under this umbrella are Minifix, Rafix, Onefix, Slimfix, Tab V and Aerofix, the high tech insert for lightweight construction.

Lift + Turn is the category brand for flap fittings and hinges in every quality level. This also includes Huwil flap door fittings, Metalla and Metallamat hinges and mitred hinge and Aximat.

Loox is the brand name for the innovative LED-lighting systems that is internationally certified. The innovative driver with its integrated control function features plug-and-play technology and is a popular modular system amongst manufacturers of furniture lines.

Moovit is the Häfele brand name for its universal full extension system for drawers and all other pull outs and furnishings.

Officys is the Häfele category brand for the design of modern multifunctional workstations including the product brands Ellipta, Idea, Variant and newest addition, the multitalented Variofix.

Slido is the Häfele category brand for soft-closing sliding systems for virtually every application. Numerous other product brands such as Smuso, E-Drive, Classic V, Aluflex and Planofit were created in short order.
Häfele is an international leader in furniture hardware, cabinet hardware, architectural builders hardware and electronic locking systems. Products include decorative hardware, ornaments, corbels, mouldings, connectors, hinges, sliding and roller shutters for furniture, architectural sliding systems for wood and glass, drawer slides, upholstery hardware, lighting and access control/locking identification systems. Also available are organizational products for the kitchen, bath, closet, office and home entertainment.

SOURCE: Hafele

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