Atlanta-based Geiger International returns to the Chicago Merchandise Mart in time for NeoCon 2010 with a new showroom, located in suite 318 on the third floor. Situated to the east of the Herman Miller showroom, the new Geiger showroom provides greater convenience to specifiers and end users, who now can visit Geiger without leaving the Mart.

With its own entry door as well as convenient access points from within the Herman Miller showroom, the new Geiger showroom encourages designers and end users to see firsthand how Geiger and Herman Miller furniture work together in the same environments to satisfy workplace and aesthetic needs.

“The design of both the Geiger and Herman Miller areas preserves each brand’s individual personality, while celebrating our complementary capabilities in design and manufacturing,” says Steve Gane, President of Geiger International. “Joining forces in the Mart allows us to combine the best of both worlds: the industry leader in systems and ergonomics and the expert in executive wood office furniture.”

“Our philosophy is that you need to live something first-hand to truly understand it, which is why we began this project by studying the patient experience from all angles,” said Continuum President and Chief Design Officer Gianfranco Zaccai.

Seating for every setting

To kick off its inaugural year in the Mart, Geiger is introducing six new guest seating platforms, for a total of 12 new guest chairs. Designed in separate collaborations with 5D Studio, Khodi Feiz, Mark Goetz and Brian Graham, the group runs the gamut of commercial and residential applications, from beautiful everyday side seating to statement-making designs suitable for lounge, dining and retail.

“Though overall the group covers a lot of aesthetic ground, the common denominator is they all make creative use of wood and fine upholstery, which showcases Geiger’s state-of-the-art wood sculpting capabilities as well as our meticulous upholstery detailing,” says Mike Milligan, Director of Product Development for Geiger.

The platforms include Saya by 5D Studio; A Line and Deft by Khodi Feiz; Full Twist by Mark Goetz; and City Hall and Advocate by Brian Graham. The Saya guest chair (named for an Afro-Bolivian dance) surrounds the sitter with an embrace of innovative woven mesh upholstery. Saya combines a light, translucent curving back with a solid angular wood base, creating a contemporary and dynamic silhouette. Unexpectedly lightweight, Saya lends itself to any environment where pull-up side seating is used, as well as casual lounge and reception spaces, residential settings and dining applications.

With 12 available standard textile colors for the back, the option to select contrasting seat cushion upholstery, and Geiger’s full range of premium wood finish colors, Saya offers hundreds of possible color combinations.

A Line and Deft guest chairs both marry innovative solid-wood carving technology with elegantly shaped

upholstered elements to create a family of comfortable guest chairs for use in the office, home or public

spaces. Each design is available in an armless version as well, for occasions when a smaller footprint is

required or simpler egress is desirable. The solid ash frame gives A Line and Deft structural strength, made

of wood purchased only from carefully managed forests. A Line also features a complimentary side table

and desk- or dining-height table offering.

The Full Twist guest chair appears to have a frame formed from flowing ribbons of wood, but the illusion

can be attributed to Geiger’s state-of-the-art wood sculpting capabilities. The slightly sloping, cradling back

piece supports the sitter, while the open back enhances comfort by preventing heat build-up during long

sessions. The arms curve to provide a sculpted rest for the sitter’s arms while seated. Full Twist is designed

for commercial, residential and public spaces where a distinctive seating statement is desired. The frame is

available in solid walnut with a natural finish, or solid hard maple in finishes ranging from champagne to

espresso. Full Twist fits both commercial and residential environments, including private offices, casual

conference rooms, lounge/reception spaces, dining rooms and retail settings.

The City Hall and Advocate families of guest seating bring new life to Geiger’s rich legacy of wood craft in

side chairs that are at once restrained in form and crisp in execution. Precise City Hall hearkens to the

designs of early 20th century European modernists, while geometric Advocate is rooted in mid-20th century

Danish modernism. Both City Hall and Advocate blend easily in transitional to contemporary interiors, when

more structured and angular forms are desired. The pitch of the chairs’ backs support the sitter in a variety

of positions through two different design solutions, and an armless option provides a more space-conscious

choice with the luxury of a cane back.

Sustainable choices

All Geiger products carry a standard 12-year warranty. Geiger products are manufactured at facilities that

are powered entirely by Green-e® certified renewable energy, making them carbon neutral in the use of

electrical energy. All guest seating will be GREENGUARD certified by their respective offer dates.


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