Gaithersburg, MD/Cleveland, OH, - - Fusion UV Systems, Inc. and DVUV HOLDINGS, LLC, leaders in the ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings industry, announce an alliance to jointly market UV-curable powder coating systems for heat sensitive substrates. As a result, customers now have a ‘complete system’ for combined UV-curable powder chemistries and process technologies.
Both firms will market and promote UV-curable powder coating application systems using Fusion’s UV-curing lamp technology and DVUV HOLDINGS’s solvent-free UV-cured powder coating chemistry and application technology.  This alliance is further strengthened by Fusion’s global network of sales and service and DVUV’s subsidiary, Keyland Polymer, Ltd., a chemical company that develops, formulates, manufactures and sells UV-cured powder coatings.
According to David Harbourne, president of Fusion UV Systems, “What makes this alliance so strategically important is that both firms need the other to maximize the solutions it can provide customers, many of whom expect environmentally friendly proactive finishing processes and solutions in the retail, healthcare, architecture and specialty markets. Fusion and DVUV will be able to meet their most stringent requirements for speed, quality, innovation and durability, all without the production of harmful VOC emissions.”
Michael Knoblauch, president of DVUV HOLDINGS adds, “This alliance is yet another key step in providing our mutual customers seamless and vertical integration, from system design, to distribution, of the key products in the UV-cured powder coatings market.  UV-curable coatings are the market segment whose growth rate is outpacing the global coatings industry.” 

Source: UV Systems, Inc., DVUV HOLDINGS, LLC


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