DELRAY BEACH, FL -- FurnitureBlue, one of the industry's fastest growing web-centric home furniture retailers, has announced the launch of their new website design and improved merchandising strategy. The new face of FurnitureBlue is designed to be a significant step toward their migration to a more fashion and style-oriented business model. "As we announced a few months ago, we believe that a sustainable home fashion web presence should be predicated on the lifestyle desires of our target consumer," said Johne Albanese, EVP-Merchandising and Operations. "Re-positioning the company's voice is a remarkably involved process and we believe that this new look is an enormously significant step in that direction," he added.

The entire site has also been completely re-merchandised and features a more fashion-forward point of view. The updated site features a much softer, more feminine point of view and includes several revolving images that help set the overall tone of the new FurnitureBlue. "The most important part of that process was soliciting the help of world class home furniture interior designers and merchandisers to help ensure that the products we offer are in fact the aspirational yet affordable products our customers want."

"Our goal in undertaking this project remains to build the FurnitureBlue brand through a more emotional connection with our consumers while featuring great products at great values. And more importantly building a great communication channel with our core customers," said Albanese. "We will continue to diversify our line ups to ensure that the products consumers really want can be found here."

In addition to all of the new merchandising, the company has overhauled the site navigation process, making it far easier to shop. Home furniture is segmented by rooms, including Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Kids Furniture, Home Theater Furniture and our Designers' Top Picks. "The design we've initiated is far more intuitive and consumers will find that they're able to easily and quickly narrow down their options to better reflect their own personal sense of style. We have also vastly improved the photography we are using and have launched a new zoom features making it easier view the detailing of our products," added Albanese.

According to CEO Brad Feuer, the company intends to continue over the next months to refine their strategy of "More Style. More Savings." as well as adjust their business model in that direction. "We are fully committed to this direction and we're already beginning to see it bear fruit. Even in the short time since we launched the new site, we have seen marked improvements in conversion rates, increased visitor retention, and overall customer satisfaction," he said.

SOURCE FurnitureBlue, LLC

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