Walled Lake, MI -- EnKon Systems introduces a new electric ball screw lift table for automation and robotic applications that require maximum control. Control features such as long standing static load positioning, accurate repeatability, and speed directed by Variable Frequency Drives provide any manufacturing or assembly plant with the power needed to improve their application’s operation. The lift system can easily integrate with robotics, conveyors, machines, and any other automated system. Precision control capability is +/- .03” (.76 mm).

The electric ball screw lift system, compatible with alternating current AC or direct current DC motors, is capable of lifting up to 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg). Captured wheel guides prevent the lift’s platforms from tipping, and a catch nut system prevents the lift from falling in the event the load bearing nut fails. High duty cycle capabilities and low maintenance requirements are additional features that add to the lift system’s attraction.

EnKon Systems is the new brand name for Herkules Equipment Corporation’s electric, hydraulic and air powered scissor lift table systems. Herkules has been manufacturing lifting equipment close to 30 years, building a solid reputation specifically for designing & manufacturing air operated lift systems for a variety of applications. Standard and custom lift systems include; Electric Belt Drive Lifts, Electric Ball Screw Lifts, Air Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, Lift Tables, Lift & Rotates, Lift & Tilts, Operator Lifts, Power Rotate Systems, Cart Positioners, Pallet Positioners, Post Lifts, and Lifts for Integration.

SOURCE: EnKon Systems

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