BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- Ecologix Resource Group announced that it has received an order from a leading French timber company for its supply of Sipo or "African Mahogany." The timber company is known for its high-end construction. Ecologix anticipates additional orders from the company.

Sipo has been used from everything from high-end architectural millwork and furniture to cabinetry and boat building. It is harvested from countries in West Africa and distributed worldwide. The wood has light to deep reddish-brown color variations and is known for its moderately coarse texture with interlocking grain. Sipo continues to be very popular in the Europe and China. Demand for Sipo is also increasing in the United States.

Ecologix exports numerous varieties of African hardwood including Tali/Teak, Sipo/Mahogany, Padouk, Okan, Doussie, and others.

About Ecologix Resource Group

Ecologix Resource Group is a natural resource company focused on the timber industry and production of alternative energy solutions in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards regulating these industries. Ecologix has an unyielding commitment to global conservationism, and is structured to operate in a manner that is responsible, compliant and profitable. Presently, the Company's focus is primarily on the timber industry; however, as the business grows, Ecologix continues to explore opportunities with other natural resources such as biofuel and oil, and will evaluate other countries and geographies.

SOURCE: Ecologix Resource Group

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