Marlborough, MA—DMT Diamond Machining Technology, the worldwide leader in sharpening, has achieved another milestone that validates the company’s engineering expertise and award-winning innovations as well as its position as a pioneer in the field of diamond sharpening solutions. On January 25, 2011, The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded DMT a patent on its Diafold Magna-Guide. The patent (Number: US 7, 874, 896 B1/ Name: Sharpening Guide Assembly) comprises 19 claims, or patentable aspects of the Magna-Guide. This is the 11th patent DMT has received.

The secret to effective and safe sharpening is angle control, and different knives require different bevels. While some people are able to rely on experience, many need mechanical assistance to ensure correct and consistent bevels and safety in the sharpening process. DMT understands this challenge and developed the Diafold Magna-Guide to help users not only achieve the perfect edge, but to do so securely.

With the creation of the new Diafold Magna-Guide, DMT has combined portability and guided sharpening to change the face of sharpening altogether. The Magna-Guide removes the mystery and gives consumers complete confidence in their angle control combined with the superior sharpening capabilities DMT is known for worldwide. With this product, the correct bevel for knives of all types is achieved simply. And when a knife is pulling double-duty (i.e., being used for different purposes), the Magna-Guide makes it easy to change the bevel to suit sharpening for each use.

Designed to work with DMT’s celebrated Diafold family of products—including its most popular Double-Sided Diamond Diafold Sharpener—the Magna-Guide requires no adjustments and allows for grit changes in seconds simply by flipping the Magnetic Angle Guide (MAG) to the opposite side. The new deep clamp design securely holds knives up to 3/8" thick and prevents blade damage. The blade guide offers seven-step angle choices to match virtually any bevel and easily accommodate edges from filet knives to cleavers to pocket and hunting knives and beyond.

For years, professionals and amateurs in woodworking, outdoor sports, culinary arts, gardening and more have relied on DMT. They know that all DMT products are proudly made in the USA and are built to last with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Now they can also turn to DMT for the best in guided sharpening.


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