Dixieply appointed Swanstone's Florida representative

The Swan Corporation has appointed Dixie Plywood & Lumber Company as the new Swanstone representative for the State of Florida, excluding the Panhandle, effective April 26, 2011.

In addition to becoming The Swan Corporation's manufacturer’s representative, DIXIEPLY will also serve as the company's Swancenter for this territory. Customers will enjoy the benefit of placing fill in orders with DIXIEPLY, resulting in improved inventory availability, expedited delivery, and lowered shipping costs.
Dixie Plywood & Lumber is a family-owned wholesale distributor of a wide range of building materials that serves customers all across the southeastern US, Texas and the Caribbean. With over 65 years of experience, their relationships with materials resellers and fabricators are long-standing, strong, and service-based. DIXIEPLY has five branches in Florida.

SOURCE: Swan Corp.

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