Daubert Chemical launches new website

Following a year of development, Daubert has just given the green light to go live. All products in the site are Search Engine Optimized.

Just visit
www.daubertchemical.com and you will readily see a BIG difference over other sites in similar industries: YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIND WHAT YOU WANT TO FIND. Seriously. But we must make a correction on that point: there really is no searching required, because it’s all right there at a click.


Daubert Chemical takes great pride in its ability to help manufacturers not only produce products according to their specification, the company strives to add value by helping them produce them better than before. The Industry tab is a unique feature that allows manufacturers to explore specific products to see how they might fit into their manufacturing processes.


The new website is not shy about product quality, environmental responsibility or overall customer satisfaction – why would they? Nearly 60% of all prior customers have indicated they will recommend Daubert. That’s more than three times the average. www.daubertchemical.com continues the company’s proud legacy.
Today, Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. formulates corrosion preventives, adhesives, sealants and specialty coatings. The products it manufactures are sold globally to the Automobile, Transportation, Rail, General Industrial, Furniture and Woodworking marketplaces. Daubert’s products are “in there” when you see a car, truck, trailer, bus, piece of heavy machinery, train, subway and more. Many fulfill specific requirements of various Military Specifications and Standards as well.

SOURCE: Daubert Chemical Co.

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