FT. SMITH, ARKANSAS – (July 28, 2011) – TJ Brown, one of the nation's foremost scroll saw and intarsia woodworkers, has a tip for anyone interested in creating great works of art from simple pieces of wood – start with great light.

Intarsia artist TJ Brown at work using both the Daylight Triple Bright Light lamp and a Slimline Magnifying Lamp. (Photo courtesy of TJ Brown)

Brown, who works from his TJ's Woodshop studio in the western Arkansas city of Ft. Smith, famed as the setting for the movie "True Grit" and its U.S. Marshall heritage, says he finds the Triple Bright Light Lamp from The Daylight Company the best lighting source available today.

Brown writes in his popular blog that he set up the lamp near the scroll saw he uses to create intricate intarsia projects that are sold throughout the world.

"A couple of weeks ago I started using a new lamp in my shop, it's the new Triple Bright Lamp from the Daylight Company," Mr. Brown writes. "I have been using one of their Slimline Magnifying Lamps for the last year so I already knew I liked their products, but I love this lamp.

"The big 24" x 4.3" shade can be adjusted to any angle or position. It adjusts vertically, horizontally and laterally to put the light wherever you need it on your work area. I set it up beside my scroll saw to try while I was cutting some intarsia. I know when I'm cutting intarsia my eyes become strained from staring at the fine lines I have to cut and I noticed the pure full spectrum light from this lamp reduces the glare and is a lot more relaxing to work under. Now I'm able to cut a lot longer without the eye-strain I would get from the lighting I have been using. If you get a chance you should try of these lamps out, I bet you'll be like me and not know how you got by without it."

Intarsia is a form of woodwork in which different species of wood are combined to highlight different grains and colors to make a 3-D picture without the use of stains or paints. Numerous pieces are cut precisely, then fitted together to create the object, a task requiring exceptionally accurate lighting. Scroll saws are used to cut the intricate curves and joints.

About Daylight™
The Daylight Company™ is the leading manufacturer of high quality magnifying and specialty task lamps and bulbs. Daylight technology is energy efficient, reduces eye strain, improves contrast and allows users to enjoy true colors with optimal comfort and durability. Daylight products and those from its Naturalight subsidiary provide an unequalled array of features to serve industrial, arts and crafts, health and beauty, senior citizen and low-vision users. The Daylight Company maintains offices in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and European countries.

Source: Daylight Company

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