Counterbalance develops countertop gate lift
August 15, 2011 | 3:09 pm CDT
NORTH VENICE, FL - February 2010 - CounterBalance Corporation, the makers of CounterBalance systems, recently developed the Counter-A-SYST™, a product designed to neutralize the weight of moving countertops. The Counter-A-SYST™ is a newly designed CounterBalance, specifically engineered for application on “lift gate” counters; a vertically moveable countertop.
The idea for the Counter-A-SYST™ was inspired when CounterBalance Corporation President, Tim Howard, noticed numerous restaurants, hotels, and bars had detached their moveable countertops to prevent onsite injuries. “What I found when I spoke to the restaurant and hotel managers is that they viewed the lift gate countertop as a safety hazard and a huge hassle to deal with.” “They told me that several employees had gotten their fingers smashed because the counter had fallen down while in use.”
Instead of risking the safety of their employees, most restaurant and hotel managers opted to either secure the countertop against the wall or remove it entirely. “In one of the hotel chains I visited, the countertop had been removed and tossed on the floor to the side of the bar,” Howard recalled. “They were so frustrated with it; they didn’t even bother putting it away.”
Three standard sizes of the Counter-A-SYST™ will be available for purchase in May 2010: 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and 24” x 36” Heavy. Currently, the Counter-A-SYST™ is available for purchase as an OEM product. Custom units of the Counter-A-SYST™ are installed in various locations, including five in the new Las Vegas CityCenter, and four in private homes throughout California and Colorado.
The Counter-A-SYST™ will be demonstrated at the National Restaurant Association Show (Chicago) in May 2010, and at the International Woodworking & Furniture Fair (Atlanta), in August 2010. Open discussions along with product information will be available at each show.
CounterBalance Corporation forecasts the Counter-A-SYST™ will generate great interest among the medical, hospitality, foodservice, airline and retail industries along with several corporate and educational institutions.
“The Counter-A-SYST™ is unlike anything else in the marketplace today. This is a very unique and innovative product,” said Howard. “I believe the Counter-A-SYST™ will initiate new safety standards for operating lift gate counters.”
About The Counter-A-SYST The Counter-A-SYST™ works by using a flexible bar that stores mechanical energy when twisted. Torsion, (the twisting process), is applied to the bar as the countertop moves in an upward or downward motion. The torsion neutralizes the weight of the countertop making it virtually weightless while in motion. The Counter-A-SYST™ also allows mid-air suspension at any desired position within the countertops full range of motion.
About CounterBalance Corporation CounterBalance Corporation, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), engineers modular torsion spring systems to counteract the downward force of gravity. The CounterBalance reduces the effort of lifting lids, covers, countertops and electro-mechanical

equipment. CounterBalance Corporation provides complete design, application and prototyping services to assist in the development of its products. CounterBalance also offers various product series to meet the needs of most applications.

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