GRAYSLAKE, IL. – CompX Timberline announces the release of StealthLock®, a keyless, invisible cabinet locking system.

Operated by radio frequency technology, the innovative StealthLock® allows multiple wood cabinet doors and drawers to be locked from a single keypad. With no keys to keep track of or mechanical locks to maintain, there’s no need to drill into a cabinet. StealthLock® provides a clean, hardware-free appearance to cabinetry, while still providing security.

StealthLock® is not only keyless and invisible, it’s also versatile.

Available in two versions, standard and dedicated, StealthLock® fits many different applications. Standard version allows a transmitter pad to operate any receiver latch. Most office or residential locations use this version. The factory-programmed dedicated version pairs a transmitter pad to a specific receiver latch or latches, using a unique transmitter ID. Dedicated version is used for assigned lockers, or when users are within close proximity of each other. It eliminates other users from gaining entry, on the odd chance that more than one user has the same PIN code.

Modes available on both versions include:
• Self-lock: allows the user to program the receiver latch to re-lock automatically 10 seconds after unlocking
• Passage/Manual lock: user must enter code to lock or unlock
• Single Use: allows the user to choose the code for one close/open cycle. In this mode, the receiver latch is in the open position, allowing user to place personal items inside a locker or other lockable compartment. User closes the locker door and enters a pin code to secure items. To open, user enters that same code – StealthLock is now ready for an entirely new PIN code.
• Non-Single Use: receiver latch responds to only one programmed PIN code

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