BOSTON, March 7, 2011 -- RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, today reported that China's imports of woodchips increased 340% between 2008 and 2010, and that import levels are expected to more than double by 2015. This prediction is included in a newly published Special Market Analysis Study: The 18th annual International Pulpwood Trade Review. This annual report has become an essential tool for operators of tree farms and managed forests, pulplog/woodchip importers/exporters, pulp producers, transport/shipping companies, financiers and investors. This year's Review provides detailed information on changes to global demand and supply for pulpwood fiber, as well as a comprehensive register of global pulplog and woodchip suppliers, traders and buyers.

The Review includes details on woodchip trading companies and end-users, along with details on 135 woodchip export operations around the world and a complete listing of the 168 specialized woodchip carriers in service in early 2011, including owners and charterers.

Robert Flynn, co-author of the Review, commented, "The international woodchip trade jumped to record levels in 2010, in both the Pacific and Atlantic markets, and biomass exports from North America to Europe also hit an all-time record. This was good news for those connected to the market, considering that 2009 was a terrible year for the woodchip trade, and that was followed by the major earthquake in Chile, one of the world's largest woodchip suppliers. Looking ahead, there will be new woodchip suppliers starting up export operations in at least eight countries in 2011/2012, in response to continued global growth in these markets."

However, co-author Dennis Neilson cautioned, "Larger volumes do not always mean larger or even sufficient margins for suppliers. Landowners are realizing lower returns, and coupled with slower economies and rising food and fuel prices, we are predicting some plantations will switch to more profitable crops, or that some landowners will simply sell their land after harvesting." He continued, "So we look to 2011 with clear signs of growing demand in the markets, but also increasing uncertainty that woodchip prices will be sufficient to ensure that available supply will be adequate to meet that demand in the future."

The 2011 Review is co-authored by Robert Flynn, RISI's director of international timber, and Dennis Neilson, an internationally known New Zealand-based consultant and expert on the global wood fiber trade.

The 2011 edition of the International Pulpwood Trade Review is available now. A complete prospectus can be found at

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