Chandler, AZ  June 27, 2010 -- After opening up a second kitchen cabinet showroom in Scottsdale, Cabinets by C & F is again expanding their services to help those who are in need of cabinets for fire and flood restoration in Arizona. With the knowledge that they can install affordable custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets faster and more efficiently than their competition, Cabinets by C & F will help their clients get back to their normal lives after having to deal with the devastation of fire or flood.

In getting these custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets installed for restoration, Cabinets by C & F will come to the home and evaluate the damage to make sure that the homeowners are getting the best possible value for their new cabinets. Once the damage has been assessed, Cabinets by C & F will help homeowners pick out cabinets closely resembling their original cabinets if not the exact same ones.

In planning for the installation of custom kitchen cabinets in Arizona, Cabinets by C & F will work very closely with the decision makers of the construction process to organize installation in correlation with the rest of the project. They will also look for ways to upgrade cabinets that might not have been damaged in the fire or flood, but could use a new look.

New kitchen cabinets can be ordered, delivered and installed in a matter of three weeks for fire and restoration victims. The cabinets ordered by Cabinets by C & F are delivered by manufacturer trucks which provide a safer ride for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets to avoid any unnecessary damages done to them on the trip over.

Cabinets by C & F works solely out of the interest for the client in need of their services. Clients dealing with fire and flood restoration don’t have to worry about Cabinets by C & F giving them the run-around because they do not work for the insurance company and there will be no conflict of interest involved.

About the Company: Cabinets by C & F is an Arizona kitchen remodeling company that sells, constructs and installs custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. With over 40 years of experience, Cabinets by C & F has the experience to build masterful cabinets using environmentally friendly practices. For more information on Cabinets by C & F visit

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