Blum demonstrates “aging” suit at K/BIS

Stanley, NC – Blum, Inc. announced it will hold demonstrations of its Age Explorer® suit in their booth at K/BIS on April 26th and 27th. At 11:00am each day show attendees will witness Blum’s Age Explorer usability tests in their booth C5351.

The Age Explorer® is a suit that enables the wearer to experience physical limitations in a realistic way. The suit simulates decreasing mobility due to the natural aging process or other physical limitations. Test subjects feel the physical limitations within minutes and this enables them to get an up-close-and-personal experience of how this affects daily kitchen work. Blum researchers use this suit to test all products for qualities related to ergonomics, motion and utilization, and then optimize them accordingly. Blum has 15 such suits being used for testing in 13 countries.

Karl Ruedisser, CEO and President of Blum US said, “Blum is known for its quality and extensive research and development testing initiatives like this are a big part of that.”

About Blum

Blum Inc. is a leading manufacturer of functional hardware for kitchen cabinets and commercial case goods. Though specializing in concealed hinges, lift systems and drawer runner systems, Blum also manufactures solutions for organizing the contents of drawers. Additional information on Blum and Blum products is available at or contact us at 800-4386788.

SOURCE: Blum Inc.

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