ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Biomass Secure Power Inc. announces that it has reached an agreement to purchase 27 acres in Cowichan Lake, British Columbia. This is a major milestone for the Company as the first of three plants currently in development will see construction of the plant completed in 2012.

Biomass Secure Power Inc. is incorporated in the Province of British Columbia. The Company has designed its biomass pellets plants to produce 250,000 tonnes of pellets per line. This allows the Company to leverage the engineering over several plants as design and layout will be identical. The first plant will have a Torrefication system designed by the Company installed that will be capable of producing 50 to 80 tonnes per hour of Torrefied pellets. Once the Torrefication system production rate is proven, the Company will move to 100% production of Torrefied pellets.

Torrefied pellets are 30% more dense than regular wood pellets and contain 16% more energy per kilo, are hydrophobic and therefore not subject to deterioration during shipment or storage. Torrefied pellets are more easily ground, which reduces the processing cost at the utility. The new plant design will maximize the yield by efficiently matching the volume of produced synthetic gas from the process of Torrefication to the energy requirements of the plant. The Company plans to apply for patents on the intellectual properties it has developed. The systems and equipment being development position the Company at the forefront of the Torrefied pellet industry.

Source: Biomass Secure Power,  Inc.

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