DETROIT -- The Bel-Air Centre will celebrate the opening of a major new tenant - the 8 Mile Trade Center, Thursday November 11th, 2010 at 9am.
Covering over 100,000 square feet, this indoor Trade Center marketplace will feature over 200 vendors, office and conference space, entertainment pavilion, and a Farmer's Market in the spring. The 8 Mile Trade Center will give hundreds of Detroit Area Small Businesses the opportunity to grow their enterprises. Shoppers can find deals on a variety of items including jewelry, electronics, clothing, accessories and furniture.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for local small business. I think it's the shot in the arm that the city needs in terms of promoting its small business community," said Arthur Rosen, Bel-Air New Property Manager. "The Trade Center should bring thousands of people to the mall every weekend, and companies that are used to seeing 50-100 customers a month can be exposed to 10,000 in a single weekend."

The Trade Center is the brain child of Bel-Air Centre's manager Arthur Rosen. The unbridled support and encouragement has come from the Center's new owner, renowned entrepreneur Tom Sullivan. Sullivan has built his own businesses, Lumber Liquidators and Cabinets To-Go, from similar beginnings. "Tom has really invested in this City, he believes in Detroit, and knows that businesses can thrive in this marketplace. I'm glad he believed in this idea, and in this City," says Rosen.

Cabinets To-Go, which operates out of the West Corner of the Bel-Air Centre, is one of the franchise's top grossing locations. With over 60,000 cars passing the mall daily, the 8 mile and Van Dyke location expects to have 10,000 people walk the aisles each weekend. The 8 Mile Trade Center will be open Thursdays thru Saturdays from 10am-9pm and Sundays, Noon-6pm. Over 65 vendors have already reserved space for this spring's Farmer's Market.

"The 8 Mile Trade Center is unique. It's one of the few Trade Center's in the country located in a major retail center, and the only of its kind in Detroit," says Rosen. "We look forward to reporting the success stories of Detroit businesses that got their start with us."

The 8 Mile Trade Center is located on 8 Mile just east of Van Dyke. Vendor information is available online at

SOURCE Bel-Air Complex

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