AWFS: Weinig, Holz-Her join forces

WEINIG and HOLZ-HER have joined forces to create a powerful partnership in the woodworking industry and are on their inaugural exhibit together at the 2011 AWFS Show in
Las Vegas.

WEINIG's expertise in lineal profiling, rip optimizing, cut-to-length optimizing and MillVision software together with HOLZ-HER’s expertise in panel sawing, edge banding, CNC machining and sanding has created a unique and innovative set of solutions for the industry.

Together WEINIG / HOLZ-HER introduced the Weinig Cabinet Door Cell comprised of the Powermat 1000 moulder, a Raimann KM moving blade ripsaw with a ValuRip III+ optimizing infeed, a Dimter S-90 optimizing cross-cut saw, and a Holz-Her ProMaster CNC Center. The door cell is powered by Weinig’s MillVision software and will feature fully integrated and paperless production of five piece Mitre doors as well as French Mitre doors.

Additional innovation can also be found in the Weinig Lineal Moulding Cell. This dynamic production method not only integrates machinery – but also transitions customer job quotes straight to the production floor, seamlessly organizing all necessary inventory data and tooling information needed to run that job.

By listening to the needs of the industry, WEINIG has created solutions that provide greater flexibility and profitability to answer today’s small batch demands. Weinig Offers More.

SOURCE: Weinig

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