SuperMax Tools, known for its sanding innovations and industry leadership in the development of drum and brush sanders, introduces an open-end combination drum/ brush sander.

Drum and brush sanders have been in their own categories as two separate machines. Variable RPM of the brush head has been one of the critical areas that have not allowed a combination machine to be built. No one until now has been able to come up with a way to combine these two technologies into a single affordable machine. SuperMax Tools has designed the perfect solution.

The revolutionary new 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum sander brings the advantages of brush sanding and drum sanding to the small professional shop and serious hobbyist. This new tool category opens the door for a small shop to compete from a productivity and quality standpoint that was not feasible in the past. Drum sanding, brush sanding (profile sanding), and wire brushing (distressing) can be easily accomplished with the same machine.

The key to this new technology advance is the sanding head speed is controlled by an AC Inverter which allows for the faster head speed (RPM) required for drum sanding and the slow head speed (RPM) required for proper brush sanding. Another new feature is a preset “fast” leveling control to adjust the machine for extra wide 38” use. Our patented SandSmart® technology is incorporated into the drum sanding portion of this machine to make use of the conveyor auto-regulating feature.

The 19-38” Combo offers changeable heads from drum sanding to wire, nylon abrasive, or a flatter brush head. Whether sanding and dimensioning flat stock, rough sawn lumber, sanding contoured mouldings or cabinet doors, this 19-38” Combo machine offers an affordable method to it all. A standard 150 grit flatter head comes with this bench top unit. Changing your sanding grit to 320 allows the option of using the machine to sealer sand. Distressing wood- no problem with the optional wire brush.

Optional accessories include an open or closed stand, sanding drum, wire and nylon brush heads, infeed/outfeed tables, caster set (open stand), and various grit abrasives for the drum and flatter heads.

Retail cost is under $2,300. An introduction, “show” special, will offer a free drum sanding hub, plus a lower unit cost, will boast of a cost savings of $650.00.

Product introduction date will be at the AWFS show. Machine orders will be taken at the show. A production order is being built and machines will be available for customer shipments in early September 2011.

SOURCE: SuperMax Tools

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