MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Graco introduces the Agitator Speed Controller designed for use with a variety of Graco and competitive pneumatic agitators. This product maintains a constant pneumatic agitator speed as material levels inside the drum decrease, which improves process control and reduces energy consumption. The speed controller also prevents over agitation of shear sensitive and waterborne materials. Agitators not using the speed controller increase their rotational speed and air consumption as the drum is emptied. This speed variation can reduce the finish quality by creating air bubbles and excessive shearing.

The agitator speed controller can be installed in a few minutes to pneumatic agitators that use GAST 2AM and GAST 4AM air motors. It also is compatible with Graco’s in-drum back-geared, expanding blade and twistork agitators.

About Graco

Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids in both industrial and commercial applications. It designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment to move, measure, control, dispense and spray fluid materials. A recognized leader in its specialties, Minneapolis-based Graco serves customers around the world in the manufacturing, processing, automotive, construction and maintenance industries.

SOURCE: Graco Inc.

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