AWFS Fair: Sawblade grinders from VollmerCARNEGIE, PA

  July 06, 2011 - Vollmer of America will have new technology on display in booth #4641at AWFS, Las Vegas, from July 20 through July 23, 2011. Featured will be the new models CP200/CPF200 as well as the new ExLevel Software on the model QXD 200 for PCD tooling.

The new model CP 200 and CPF 200 grinding machines are designed for the processing of carbide-tipped circular saw blades. With a compact footprint, the CP 200, for top and face grinding, and the CPF 200, for side grinding, delivers full CNC control for fast and precise grinding of blades up to 650 mm in diameter.

Both incorporate 4 CNC axes in order to grind every tooth shape in one cycle. The CP 200 includes programs for group toothing, replaced and broken teeth and oscillation grinding as standard. There is no need to adjust for tooth pitch or blade thickness. Bevel grinding angles, for both top and face, and tooth heights can be chosen individually by the operator. The CPF 200 has five integrated programs and the oscillation program included as standard. The operator is guided through graphically supported screens to create the grinding programs that can enter data even while the machine is running.

The development of the new ExLevel Software is a direct response for increased demand for the simulation of production processes. Digital test runs save time and money, and can also improve the product quality. ExLevel is the first software which calculates the production of PCD drills so precisely that simulation and reality are one and the same.

ExLevel is the first step towards integrating software simulations in the process of PCD tools such as PCD tipped drills, and veined end mills. The actual grinding process with the ExLevel software takes place on Vollmer's universal QXD 200 machine. Equipped with ExLevel software, the QXD 200 can simulate, measure, erode and grind in one single combined process PCD drills either equipped with sandwich-tips or made of sintered cutting material, as well as other PCD tool designs up to 250mm in diameter.

About Vollmer Of America
The VOLLMER Group has evolved as the specialist in re-sharpening and production of PCD tooling, Carbide-tipped saws, HSS saws, and band saws. VOLLMER Technology & service offers the latest in grinding, erosion and conditioning machines for tooling and saw blades used in woodworking, metal-cutting, and the processing of composite materials.

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