ArtCAM Express goes modular

For over 15 years, Delcam, an internationally recognized developer of CADCAM software, has been providing Sign-makers and Woodworkers worldwide with its range of software solutions to create 2D and 3D products. Having worked closely with industry professionals throughout this time, Delcam is aware of the costs involved for smaller companies or companies just new to entering the industry.

To make it easier, Delcam has now launched its entry-level CADCAM package, ArtCAM Express 2011, for only $149.00. The solution provides an ideal introduction into the world of CADCAM and offers basic drawing, as well as 2D and 3D machining functions. Harnessing recent developments from its sibling products, ArtCAM Express is also available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. This means that users can increase the speed at which they work, as well as work with larger intensives files.

Additionally, unlike other CADCAM packages, users can tailor the software by purchasing additional modules to suit specific design and manufacturing requirements. These modules will allow users to upgrade their capabilities to match their specific needs at a lower cost than would be required to move to ArtCAM Insignia or ArtCAM Pro.

Three options are available to add design functionality and six to increase the machining options, with the tenth module allowing the import of data from a range of high-end CAD formats, including IGES and STEP.

The most popular design option is expected to be the texture toolpath module which allows patterns and textures to be added to a part or to all of the design. Toolpath templates can be created to copy patterns. The effect can be of a hand-carved finish, over multiple items.

Other modules include access to more Advanced Vector Tools, Advanced 2D Machining, Nesting Smart Engraving and Raised Round to name a few.

SOURCE: Delcam

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