Arauco expands TruChoice line

[Atlanta, GA] ARAUCO, a global leader in sustainable forest products, has announced the addition of Marble Prime to its TruChoice Arauco line of mouldings, edge-glued boards and jambs.

The ultra-smooth, semi-gloss acrylic coating requires no sanding, and readily accepts latex acrylic paint for a one-coat finish.

“Builders and remodelers are looking for solutions to help them deliver quality projects, in less time, and with fewer headaches,” says Russ Jordan, Sales Manager for TruChoice Arauco. “Our new Marble Prime finished finger-joint mouldings, edge-glued boards, and jambs are top-coat ready, making projects faster to finish with considerable saving on materials and labor.”

Jordan adds that the secret to the ultra-smooth finish of TruChoice Arauco Marble Prime products is the three-step process that includes a gesso undercoat with an acrylic top finish. “This gives TruChoice Arauco Marble Prime a premium-quality, no-sand surface that readily accepts all latex-acrylic top coats,” Jordan says. “TruChoice Arauco Marble Prime looks better and delivers superior performance with excellent crack resistance.”

TruChoice Arauco Marble Prime products are primed on 3 or 4 sides (depending on pattern). A wide range of base, casing, and crown moulding profiles are available, as well as jambs and edge-glued boards.

About Arauco

Arauco is a global leader in sustainable forest management and the production of sustainable forest products, including AraucoPly® plywood, TruChoice Arauco® millwork and moulding, TruPan MDF panels, lumber and pulp. The wood and wood fiber used in ARAUCO products comes from sustainably managed plantation forests in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. No native forest wood or genetically modified trees are used to produce any ARAUCO product. AraucoPly and TruChoice Arauco Radiata pine solid and finger-joint products contain only CERTFOR-certified wood, and carry the PEFC logo. TruChoice Arauco MDF moulding and millwork are certified and labeled according to the mixed-fiber-content rules of the PEFC.

SOURCE: Arauco

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