Arauco announces Trupan Ultralight MDF
August 15, 2011 | 11:38 pm CDT
Arauco announces Trupan Ultralight MDF

Ideal for construction, furniture and fixtures markets that are increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of products over their entire life-cycles, Arauco Trupan Ultralight MDF delivers environmental benefits from its forest origins to finished applications.

The 100% fresh pine fiber used to make Trupan Ultralight MDF panels comes from sustainably managed plantation forests. Plantation-grown fiber is an abundant, renewable resource, and its use relieves harvest pressure on the world’s native forests. In addition, Trupan Ultralight MDF is manufactured using forest-biomass-fuel-generated electricity, a green source of power that has a carbon footprint that is significantly lower than that electricity produced through fossil fuels.

But the environmental benefits of Arauco Trupan Ultralight MDF don’t stop at the manufacturing line. CARB-compliant and produced without added urea-formaldehyde, Trupan makes a positive contribution to indoor air quality. And with an average density of 32 lbs/ft3 – 30% less than conventional MDF panels – Trupan Ultralight MDF requires less energy to ship, reducing the environmental impact (and cost) of transporting finished products. (Trupan Ultralight MDF’s lighter weight and its no-added-urea-formaldehyde formulation are the two reasons given by Adam Savage of TV’s “Mythbusters” for his listing of the product among his “essential tools” in an August 2009 article.) Trupan Ultralight MDF’s lighter weight also translates into ease-of-handling and reduced wear on fabrication tools.

Manufactured from 100% fresh pine fiber, Trupan Ultralight MDF delivers consistent physical mechanical performance, a valuable benefit for high-volume CNC production users and others seeking precision replicability of components. The panels also feature a consistent density profile, allowing more-uniform machining into the core. Trupan Ultralight MDF also features uniform, light coloration from panel to panel, allowing manufacturers to utilize the substrate in stained or clad applications with predictable appearance results.

Trupan Ultralight MDF features an exceptionally smooth surface, making it ideal for use as a lamination substrate, and in doors, display fixtures, furniture, mouldings, and picture frames. Trupan Ultralight MDF is available unfinished and in a wide range of melamine laminate colors. Both 48” and 60” wide panels are available in 8’ to 16’ lengths and thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 50mm.

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About Arauco
Arauco is a global leader in sustainable forest management and the production of sustainable forest products, including Trupan MDF panels, AraucoPly® plywood, TruChoice Arauco® millwork and moulding, lumber and pulp. The wood and wood fiber used in ARAUCO products comes from sustainably managed plantation forests in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. No native forest wood or genetically modified trees are used to produce any ARAUCO product.

SOURCE: Arauco

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