Advantage Trim & Lumber presents Ipe wood deck tiles

BUFFALO, NY -- Homeowners who are forced to stare at a worn-out concrete patio have longed for an affordable way to make their outdoor living space actually livable. Many end up settling for brick pavers or they simply paint over the concrete. However, these are only short-term solutions that lead to other problems. Brick pavers can grow algae and mold, crack, and get discolored. Also, simply painting over concrete does nothing to remove the visible cracks. Now, with Ipe wood deck tiles from Advantage Trim & Lumber, homeowners across the country are reinvigorating their outdoor spaces using real affordable hardwood.

According to Sales Manager Jon Fletcher, "Our solid Ipe wood decking tiles have given customers a great way to achieve a natural looking, yet very durable solution to renovating their concrete patio." Each 20x20 tile is made of premium-grade Ipe wood and offers the following benefits:
* Total project cost is much less than standard 12x12 cost
* A natural, visually attractive surface
* Installation takes hours instead of days
* All the durability and resilience of long-length Ipe decking
* A solid and reliable solution which resists mold and decay

Jon Fletcher goes further saying, "Although our 20x20 Ipe tiles cost more per tile than a typical 12x12 tile, the cost per application is much less. For instance, to cover a 500-square-foot area, it would cost a homeowner just over $2,800. The cost to cover the same 500-square-foot area with 12 x 12 tiles would be $7,500. That's a $4,600 savings without sacrificing on quality material or looks." As an affordable solution to covering a concrete area, deck tiles are ideal for patios, porches, rooftops, saunas, and even garage floors. These tiles also offer greater design and pattern options than long-length decking.

About Advantage Trim & Lumber Company

Advantage Trim & Lumber Company is a leading supplier of Ipe tiles in the United States. With over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Advantage Trim & Lumber imports and produces decking, hardwood flooring, hardwood lumber and a variety of certified FSC wood. Through their International Supply Chain, Advantage delivers wholesale decking and hardwood across the world from their locations in Grover, North Carolina and Buffalo, New York.

SOURCE: Advantage Trim and Lumber Co.

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