Accuride presents Action-Assist™, a unique slide that helps users open and close drawers with ease. Based on natural elastic energy, the product is straightforward to install, intuitive, and economical.

The user starts the opening and closing action and the slide does the rest. When the drawer is opened, at about the mid-point of travel the assisting forces balance, resulting in a neutral zone where the drawer remains in a steady position. Once the drawer is further extended to about two-thirds of its travel, the slide finishes the opening process. Conversely, as the drawer is pushed inward past the neutral zone, the Action-Assist™ kicks in and pulls the drawer closed.

Cabinetmakers will find the installation of this slide to be uncomplicated; it does not require electricity to operate and there are no wires or transformers. Other than minor drawer box changes, installation is very similar to a standard, side mount 3832 full extension slide.

The Action-Assist™ slide is an affordable solution for those seeking assisted drawer opening and closing. This product also supplies an upgrade that adds value to new or remodeling projects such as residential kitchens or commercial store fixtures.

There is a green aspect to this product as well. In addition to being RoHS compliant, the Action-Assist™ operates through the simple principle of stored and released energy. It does not require the use of power resources; the product’s operation is clean and renewable.

This product is ADA compliant, requiring a pull-force of only 2-3 pounds, making it a good choice for Universal Design projects. The Action-Assist™ has a 100-pound load rating and cam adjustment feature to set drawer reveals. It is available in even lengths of 12" to 28" in a clear zinc or black finish.
Accuride International is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision slide products for a broad range of industries.  The company has five locations; each governed by a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2000.

Source: Accuride Intl.,

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