Guinness World Records has just certified a window that is constructed largely from Accoya wood, as the biggest wood and metal window in the world!

With certified Class 1 durability and numerous green credentials, Accoya® wood was the natural choice of material for Mr Rüdiger Baumann, of Baumann Holzhandel GmbH, when he commissioned students from the German Academy for Glass, Windows and Cladding to construct the largest window last month.

While the window certainly achieves its objective of proving that there are no limits in size or possibility when working with wood and metal, Professor Klaus Layer acknowledged the intelligence and passion shown by his students when highlighting that the project also demonstrates how practical and technical theory combine to result in success.

“We are delighted to be part of this record-breaking build,” said Sylvie Froger, Marketing Manager at Accsys Technologies, “Using Accoya® wood for the world’s largest window is great testament to the legitimacy of high technology wood as a material for use in applications where weathering, durability and thermal conductivity are a must.”

Ms Froger went on to say, “Accoya® wood has been stringently tested in all types of conditions and consistently withstands even the toughest external environments. Combine this with the fact that Accoya® wood requires much less maintenance than other woods, and I’m not surprised the students opted to use our product!”.

Source: Accoya

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