LUBECKE, GERMANY -- With a large scale project, trade fair organiser Clarion Survey and the Löhne-based company Abaco Informationssysteme, are going to set the stage for RFID for the furniture industry at ZOW 2012 in Bad Salzuflen. From 6-9 February, in a part of hall 23.2 everything will revolve around the future-oriented wireless technology that allows the identification of supplier products across the entire supply chain. The brand-new feature will be a tagging procedure, with which RFID chips no longer have to be glued, but from now on can be integrated into the products. A true innovation!

This new method was developed by Löhne-based software specialist Fast Forward, a partner company of Abaco, as well as IMA Klessmann Holzbearbeitungssysteme from Lübecke, Germany. The project received financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin. The two companies from East Westphalia are going to showcase the novel technology at ZOW Bad Salzuflen, on an area of 500 m², along a longitudinal wall in hall 23.2. The title “ZOW 2012 – Supply Chain furniture with RFID” clearly reflects what it is all about: A comprehensive solution for the entire supply chain of furniture manufacturing –from the supplier, to the haulage contractor, to the manufacturer and finally to the end user. With roughly 15 to 20 companies, the RFID showcase at the trade fair centre Bad Salzuflen is going to take place at a joint exhibition stand, representing all companies of the supply chain.

Why is the new procedure better? Because the RFID chip used here is no longer located on the outside of the product, but inside. At IMA’s CNC processing centre, the “abatag“– this is the name of the new chip – is shot into the panel, which is coated afterwards. Thus, the RFID chip is protected during the product’s entire life cycle and cannot be damaged from the outside, which was the case for glued chips. The new procedure is significantly more efficient than previous procedures, which facilitates a comprehensive use in the supply chain.

Head of Abaco, Horst Koitka, on the new technology: “The ’abatag’ method is a quantum leap in the development of RFID. We are pleased to present it in cooperation with our partners at ZOW in Bad Salzuflen. “The supplier fair East Westphalia has always seen itself as a driving force of future-oriented technology, making it just the place for “RFID”. Every year, around 15,000 visitors come to the heart of the furniture industry of East Westphalia, to receive information about the latest design and technology trends for the furniture industry and interior design. Hall 23.2 will be a place to be for you – but of course not the only one!

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