Hampton Affiliates, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation (BLNDC), Burns Lake, B.C., responded today to the WorkSafe BC announcement that they have completed their investigation on the cause of the explosions at Babine Forest Products Limited (Babine), Burns Lake, and Lakeland Mills Ltd., Prince George. WorkSafe also announced that in lieu of issuing a report on their investigation, they would be referring their findings on both incidents via a report to the Crown Counsel for potential civil prosecution.

“We have cooperated fully throughout the WorkSafe investigation and will continue to cooperate to bring this matter to conclusion. We were surprised by this announcement and disappointed that we are not yet able to see the report of WorkSafe’s findings so that we can fully understand what happened that tragic night of the explosion, said Steve Zika, Hampton’s CEO. Because we have not received any additional substantive information today for this decision from WorkSafe, we cannot comment further at this time.

We deeply regret the tragic accident that took two of our employees’ lives and injured many more, forever impacting our employees and their families.”

Source: Hampton Affiliates



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