Woodwork Institute Debutes Certified Seismic Installation Program
August 7, 2012 | 8:30 pm CDT

West Sacramento, Calif. - Woodwork Institute announces its Certified Seismic Installation Program (CSIP). It covers the installation of casework in the state of California at any height within the building where the SDS is not greater than 1.93. With our OSHPD pre-approval, it saves the need to engineer casework attachments. Additionally, through WI’s inspection and certification procedures, you will have assurance that your project’s seismic requirements have been met.

• Can be used as an expansion of WI’s CC and MC programs or as a stand-alone

compliance program

• Provides access to WI’s OSHPD seismic casework installation pre-approvals

• Provides a non-biased means of confirming conformance to a projects specific seismic casework in wall blocking and installation fastener size, frequency and location requirements

• Provides review of shop drawings for blocking location requirements, and if:

o In conjunction with either the CC or MC program’s evidence of compliance is provided by means of an individually serial numbered CCP shop drawing label or digitally signed image applied to the first page of the certified submittal

• It is the responsibility of the architectural millwork fabricator and/or installation firm to include within their bid, any and all costs for CSIP

Source: Woodwork Institute


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