Brooklyn, NY - Designed by artist Ryosuke Fukusada, the wooden light bulb that hangs from the ceiling as an art piece achieves the mix of traditional craft technique and modern design perfectly. The wooden shells of these light bulbs have been created using the Japanese ‘Rokuro’ technique that gives an impression of solid wood radiating light. A recyclable aluminum socket completes the modern impression that the wooden bulbs create. Winner of the Kyoto renaissance design competition, this project that involves creating a wooden shell chipped to minimum thickness to enclose the LED device is still under development.

According to Fukusada, this bulb was created by incorporating Rokuro, the Japanese artisanal technique to design an extremely thin wooden shell that produces a soft glowing effect. Besides the sustainable approach of using wood and an LED to create this modern bulb that has plenty of aesthetic appeal, this bulb represents an attempt to preserve cultural heritage and reminds man of his timeless link to nature, his true roots. A lighting expert at says, “One of the most intriguing aspects of the wooden bulbs project is that this bulb, an actual light source that looks like it was simply carved from a solid block of wood actually works without it going up in flames” adding that “Because LED's produce little heat, the risk of fire is minimal.” Most traditional light bulbs that are powered with tungsten not only generate a lot of heat but they are also not as energy efficient as LEDs. This modern bulb deliver a lot more than efficiency and aesthetics and the symbolism behind the design is the main element that gives it its appeal.

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