The biggest fairs of the industry in Eurasia- Wood Processing Machinery and Intermob fairs are prepairing to open the doors on Sept. 27- Oct. 1,2014 at Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul.

The fairs, already have achieved 70% of the sales target, will be realized by the active participation of the domestic and international company and company representatives leading the industry. Our sales and marketing teams have started working intensively following 2013 fairs.

As a result of our team’s active marketing activities, the fairs will present the exhibitors requiring to access new markets and increase their current market shares, an efficient platform to exhibit their products and meet with the right customers . In this period, the project team is also running the private invitation and procurement committee activities. In 2014, it is expected the fairs to be visited by thousands of domestic and international visitors.

TUYAP Industry Fairs Organization Inc. has an effective marketing activity especially in Eurasia through her overseas offices and global representative network. Our professional sales and marketing teams have been working for procurement committee organizations non-stop to meet the exhibitors with the right customers. In 2014, we are expecting to host a huge number of visitors from 30 countries through procurement committee organizations-organized by the support of consulates whilst we had hosted from 21 countries in 2013. Our sales and marketing activities are continuing in Turkey and abroad through the industrial fair visits. In the aim of organizing procurement committees from Iran for 2014 fairs, our project team has also contacted to the leader companies of Iran by visiting MEDEX fair through Iran Home & Office Furnitures Exporters Union, Tehran Carpenters and Furniture Producers Association, Iran Furniture Dealers Association, Iran Wood Industry Employers’ Association. Sales and marketing activities realized by the visit of Mebel Fair (Russia), Holz-Handwerk Fair (Germany), Modef Fair (Inegol,Turkey) will continue by the visit of Xylexpo Fair (Italy). Besides, targeted visitors of the fairs are being invited through the associations, publications and online portals within industry. We are organizing procurement committees for the fair period in cooperation with the chambers of industry and commerce. Our teams have been also building important contacts in Anatolia intended to meet the exhibitor companies with the right customers. As a result of promotioning activities pursued with the increasing frequency through media by the whole year,in 2014, again, it is expected thousands of attendance to the fairs .

The fairs realized with the attendance of 880 company and company representatives from 30 countries in the last year; will be exhibited in 14 halls on 120.000 sqm in the consequence of the new investments. In 2014, there will be also new companies operating in the industry of furniture upholstery products and technologies. Numerous companies will launch their new products and last trends during the fairs. The professional exhibitors and visitors will take the opportunity of observing the last technologies on wood processing machinery, furniture accessories and forestry products. Figures of 2013 are the proof of the importance of the fairs within industry. The fairs-visited by 59.697 professionals from 86 countries, will create, again,a platform of innovation and improvement.

Turkey located in the center of Caucasia, Balkans, Middle East, North Africa, Black Sea Basin, Western and Central Asia which take 1,5 billion people in with changing living conditions, improving economies and logistically placed at an important point that can be easily reached by the producers and consumers by the advantage of travel without visa and international trade cooperations realized with neighbouring countries, provided Tuyap Fairs to be international trade center of Eurasia. Wood Processing and Intermob fairs meeting furniture side and forestry products industry in Eurasia, also take an active role for the industry to be known in abroad. The fairs create an important trading platform for small-middle scaled companies requiring to build their own brands and leader companies attending to the fairs from Turkey and four corners of the world to exhibit their last products and trends and meet with the right and qualified customers.

As being Tuyap, we are working hard since 27 years to improve our service quality every passing year for Wood Processing Machinery and Intermob fairs. The success that the fairs achieved also indicates the strength of the industry. Our local brands can compete in the global market with their qualities. The figures of the international visitors coming from more than 90 countries is also proof of the interest shown to our local products. We are proud of to support this improvement since 27 years.

By the industrial synergy created through the fairs and as being the gate access to the international market, Wood Processing Machinery and Intermob fairs are the unique trade platforms in Eurasia. The fairs-achieved to be the biggest international fairs in Eurasia will also continue to improve trade capacity of the industry by valuable support of industry representatives, media and NGO’s.

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