Wood Powder Coating Manufacturer Creates Unique Pieces
January 13, 2013 | 3:52 pm CST

Wood Powder Coating Manufacturer Creates Unique PiecesSOUTH BELOIT, IL -- GCC Coatings has churned out some very interesting and unique pieces for its customers during the past year. The wood powder coating manufacturer provides its services to sister company RedLine Garagegear as well as other companies looking for a more cost effective and efficient method for applying a finish for their products.

Various companies from around the country have commissioned GCC Coatings to both machine and powder coat wood components. Those components are then used to build a variety of things including: point of purchase displays; cabinetry and countertops for schools and hospitals; and end user products.

“We’ve applied a powder finish to wood components for all sorts of things from store fixtures and displays to actual consumer products like pinball machines,” said GCC Coatings Estimator Bart Madrell. “Other companies send us their prototypes and are vague on what exactly they are using the powdered components for. We have a good time playing the guessing game with some of the parts that come through.”

GCC Coatings is the child company of Greenberg Casework Co. Inc. Since 1985, Greenberg Casework Co. has been manufacturing casework and cabinetry for homes, schools, hospitals, and other major projects around the country. Several years ago the manufacturer decided to expand into the consumer market by offering powder coated wood garage cabinets through its child company RedLine Garagegear. With the success of that venture the South Beloit, IL based company decided to bring the powder coating portion of the process in house.

Wood Powder Coating Manufacturer Creates Unique Pieces“As we started to expand RedLine Garagegear we became more and more obsessed with quality control,” said GCC Coatings and Greenberg Casework Company President Troy Greenberg. “A couple years into it we realized that the only way to achieve the highest levels of quality for our garage storage system customers was to have full control over the coating process as well.”

Manufacturers have been able to apply powder to metal for quite some time and one is likely to come in contact with a powder coated metal product on a daily basis (i.e. bike frames, lawn furniture, metal shelving). The process of applying powder on wood, however, is still fairly new and far from being well-known or widely used.

There are a vast number of benefits to powder coating over traditional finishes like liquid paint, however. Probably most important for the end user is that powder coated wood emits little to no volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it safe for homes and other indoor areas. In addition a powder coat is thicker than liquid paint and can be applied to nearly any shaped part. Any overspray can also be recycled giving GCC Coatings almost one hundred percent use of the powder coat. And on top of all that a powder finish is tough and provides added durability to the wood.

The actual process begins first with the material. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is the best wood for powder coating and has to meet certain criteria in order to be used. The parts are machined and sanded using CNC routers and automated sanding machines. From there components are heated using a short catalytic Infrared oven before the powder is applied using automatic sprayers to ensure a consistent thickness. The parts are heated again so that the powder gels, flows, and bonds with the wood. Once cured, what’s left is a finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and very durable.

GCC Coatings offers powder coated wood samples for any company interested in the process. The manufacturer is presently capable of handling any medium or large job with ease. Any designer, contractor, builder, or manufacturer would be well advised to consider powder coating over other wood finishing options.Contact GCC Coatings today to learn more about their services.

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