ANAHEIM, CA - As the AWFS®Fair continues to grow its brand internationally it is launching the “Committed to Exporting” program to link overseas buyers with AWFS®Fair exhibitors by:

• Reaching out to foreign media encouraging them to cover the event, arrange buyer missions and use the AWFS®Fair Media Center to exchange ideas and lessons learned.

• Reaching out to known dealers, foreign producer associations, past attendees, and US Consulates and Embassies reminding them of the importance to the industry of the AWFS Fair.

• Facilitating meetings between overseas buyers and exhibitors.

• Inviting foreign dealers to attend the Fair on Dealer Day.

• Hosting an International Visitor Center at the Fair site as a home away from home for foreign attendees. Free refreshments, Internet and meeting space will be available throughout each fair day.

• Adding a special International Visitor Registration counter staffed by bilingual personnel.

• Branding the International Buyer Program as a unique event, identifying and encouraging dialog between exhibitors (i.e., those “committed to exporting”) and interested foreign buyers and dealers looking for new products and lines to represent in their home markets.

Each participating AWFS®Fair exhibitor will have:

• Booth signage identifying it as a company “Committed to Exporting”.

• Seamless identification as a “Committed to Exporting” company in the AWFS Fair website and exhibitor catalog with the ability to identify it by name and type of product exhibited.

• Distribution in advance of the show company profile and product information, press releases, etc. to foreign media, dealers and visitors.

• Pre event and event meetings at booth or International Visitor Center.

“This is a natural extension of our commitment to expanding the breadth and reach of the AWFS Fair”, stated Angelo Gangone, AWFS Executive Vice President. “The Committed to Export drive came out of a recommendation by past exhibitors who increasingly realize the importance of the international marketplace.”

About AWFS

The full-scale international AWFS®Fair, scheduled for Wednesday - Saturday, July 24 – 27, 2013 in Las Vegas, has become a critical hub for international commerce in the woodworking industry. The AWFS®Fair brings together the entire home and commercial furnishings industry, including manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, lumber, construction materials and other suppliers to the furniture, cabinet manufacturers and custom woodworkers.

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