Finally… dust collection for the drill press!! Dust collection is a huge issue in the shop. Wood dust is a known carcinogen. Exposure to wood dust has been associated with dermatitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and cancer. In addition, excess wood debris creates a mess of a shop.

Most stationary woodworking shop tools and many hand-held power tools have built in dust collection, but not the drill press. Until now! We’re excited to introduce DRILLNADO!!

Although most tools have built in dust collection, frankly a lot of it does not work that well. With DRILLNADO (Patent Pending), dust collection at the drill press has gone from zero to best in the shop!

Because DRILLNADO surrounds the drill chuck and drill bit, it collects nearly all of the drilling debris and dust. The fist part of the DRILLNADO housing attaches permanently to the drill press quill. Your shop vacuum or dust collector attaches to this housing. The expandable housing is removable and attaches to the top housing. Because it is expandable (and collapsible) and sustains the desired length on it owns, you can position the vacuum opening directly at the point of the drill bit right where the dust is collected. With the expandable housing removed, you can access the drill quill and change bits as needed.

DRILLNADO attaches to drill press with the most common quill diameters. The largest quill diameter that works with DRILLNADO is 2.6”. It comes standard with bushings to work with a quill diameter of 2.17.” Another bushing reduces DRILLNADO to work with the smallest bench top drill presses with a diameter of 1.57”. We also include adhesive strips to adapt a bushing to a 2.54 and 2.05” diameter quills.

DRILLNADO works great with a common shop vacuum, wet / dry vacuum, or a large dust collection system. You can attach a 2.5” or 2.25” dust collection hose. Of course you can attach the DRILLNADO to a 4” dust collector using commonly available adapters / reducers. The top DRILLNADO housing and dust collection hose can stay permanently attached to the drill press when not in use.

The removable and expandable housing allows you to place the vacuum opening directly above the tip of your bit and the source of dust. The expandable housing comes with a 1” opening that can be used with most drill and forstner bits. You can purchase an additional expandable housing and increase this opening to 1.75” to be used with forstner and other bits with larger diameters.

Source: Drillnado

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