The cold season is not be long in coming and with it the time of pleasant evenings in front of a flickering fire starts – the right moment to start the search for lovely Christmas presents. For either situation SUPERGRAU® provides the perfect product: KLOEZZE – a burning furniture.

Winter time with SUPERGRAU: KLOEZZE Born from the unspoilt provocative idea to top off the consumption of the superfluous and to offer a designed firewood, KLOEZZE was created: a loose piece of furniture with system character.

And there is more behind the spare parts of building bricks: Assembled in different arrangements, the product allows creative room to put together the single pieces as wished. Therefore, KLOEZZE truly is an all-rounder: its elements can be stacked up in different seating situations and decoration modules. Among the expandable basic set of six KLOEZZE (3x pine, 2x oak, 1x cherry wood // RRP 140 €) there are three more packages available (9, 12 or 44 pieces // RRP 230 € / 290 € / 930 €). Two extra strong rubber bands obtainable in the colours yellow or blue hold together the wood making it a bench, stool or side table.

Whether KLOEZZE ends up in the fire, gets used as rudimentary furniture or emits its decorative charm next to the fireside is sublimely left to the beholder.

Wrapped as a six-pack in a handy pasteboard, KLOEZZE surely is the grandiose item either given as a gift or arranged as an eye-catcher underneath the Christmas tree.

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