Rogue River, OR – Potential wood flooring experts and woodworking hobbyists in the classroom will now have hands-on experience with accurate wood moisture content measurement.

As Wagner Meters knows, accurate moisture content readings play a key part in the success of any woodworking or wood flooring project. So in April, Wagner Meters donated the MMC220 – their best-selling ”Extended Range” pinless moisture meter – to the McKinleyville Middle School Woodworking Program.

With the MMC220, McKinleyville students are able to “see into” the wood they use as they work with different species and different moisture content levels. Now comprised of more than just tools and tasks, moisture content knowledge combines a number of the students’ other fields of study with real-world applications in the woodworking program.

Wagner Meters consistently provides clear and concise information to the wood flooring and woodworking industries through their informative videos, articles and demonstrations, and now they’ve taken it to the classroom so that students can also learn the importance of moisture content measurements when working with wood.

With advanced technology, accurate measurements and now a 7-year standard warranty on all MMC & MMI Series moisture meters, Wagner Meters are a solid investments as an essential tools for your workplace (or classroom). To learn more, visit

Source: Wagner Meters

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