WEINIG is pleased to unveil a new vision for manufacturing, which creates and enables entire manufacturing process and flow of data throughout the plant for both the solid wood and panel processing industries.

Welcome to mass-customization and welcome to providing products your customers want, when they want and how they want them. Welcome to EnVision.

With the launch of EnVision, combined with MillVision, WEINIG now offers the ability to produce solid wood joinery (mortise & tenon, French miter etc…) without the needs for the traditional dedicated machinery and personnel. Joinery is now as easy as optimizing and machining sheet goods.

Many cabinet manufacturers are dependent on outside suppliers for doors, drawers, moulding and faceframe parts. Others, manufacture some portion or all of these components using a series of dedicated small classical machines which can be slow and often highly operator-dependent. The traditional system is typically made up of multiple, task dedicated machines, requiring one to work at the convenience of the machine which creates expensive staging of product and generates paperwork at numerous levels.

EnVision offers the capability to:

· Create your bill of material dynamically

· Generate G-code automatically

· Create your bill of materials which is sent automatically to your WEINIG and HOLZ-HER equipment

o Sheet goods – directly to your Holz-Her beam and P-T-P machine

o Solid wood - combined with MillVision directly to your WEINIG equipment

· Create all your label data

· Maintain your customer database

· Offers the capability to maintain your order database

o Thus allowing you to track individual orders

· Email receipts

· Tie into your WEINIG PowerCom tool room software

· Track your billables

· Track your sales team’s sales

With EnVision, our customers gain the advanced productivity solution provided by WEINIG and break the traditional methods and constraints by providing a highly flexible and accurate system to produce cabinets, cabinet doors, raised panels, drawer fronts, drawer boxes and much more on demand -- that is free of paperwork and the need for staging material.

Call your local WEINIG expert to schedule your personnel online demonstration and see how WEINIG can help improve your productivity.

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