HIGH POINT, NC -- Vecoplan unveils its latest innovations in booth #5734 at IWF 2012. The worldwide leader in wood waste grinding technologies, Vecoplan will display five machines - a VAZ 1300 M NewGen, a VTH 55/15/2 VU with a 16’ Vibratory Infeed Conveyor, a VAZ 1100 XL, and a VPM 250 Pellet Mill. Each selected to a represent a range of machines in Vecoplan’s comprehensive line of wood waste solutions.

Vecoplan will introduce its line of NewGen grinders at IWF via the VAZ 1300 M. Innovations on the NewGen shredders improve performance, increase durability and decrease maintenance time. These features and options include: cardan shaft drives, double sidewalls, reversible counter knives, hydraulic swing-up screen carriages, rotatable screens, and externally adjustable counter knives.

Cardan shaft drives eliminate drive belts, lower maintenance costs and decease machine base widths. Double sidewalls reduce wear, eliminate contamination of, and heat transfer to bearings, increase durability and lower maintenance costs. Reversible counter knives deliver twice the life while cutting replacement costs in half. Hydraulic swing-up screen carriages provide quick and easy access to the rotor for cutter replacements, tramp metal removal, and other routine maintenance. Rotatable screens can be turned 180° increasing wear life by a factor of 1.5. Externally adjustable counter knives allow you to maintain optimal cutting tolerances quickly and easily. This is especially beneficial when grinding thin materials, such as veneers.

Representing Vecoplan’s line of horizontal grinders, the VTH 55/15/2 VU, is designed for processing lineal scrap such as mouldings, window and door profiles, flooring, other types of millwork, as well as rippings, slabs, lumber, or any long scrap. All Vecoplan horizontal grinders include a Vibratory Infeed Conveyor as standard equipment. The VTH 55/15/2 VU is equipped with a 16 ft. conveyor, and has a 6-inch high X 22-inch wide grinder infeed opening.

The VAZ 1100 XL will allow Vecoplan to show the XL package they offer on grinders engineered specifically to handle large bulky scrap more efficiently. Grinders denoted as XLs feature larger infeed hopper volumes, larger cutting chambers, rotors that are larger in diameter, employ a greater number of cutting inserts and have increased horsepower drive motors than standard machines with the same model number.

A VPM 250 Pellet Mill will also be displayed on Vecoplan’s booth to represent the full line of Pellet Mills and turnkey pellet manufacturing systems available from Vecoplan Midwest. With a capacity of 200 lbs. of pellets per hour, the VPM 250 was designed for small to medium commercial scale pellet production. Perfect for factories & other facilities producing pellets for their own use, for manufactures with relatively small distribution areas, for colleges and universities, as well as for pilot plants, the VPM 250 is the smallest pellet mill in Vecoplan Midwest’s full line of pellet mills and complete pellet manufacturing systems equipment. Vecoplan Midwest also offers a range of briquetters for use in the production of fuel from wood and other types of biomass.

In addition to hard woods, soft woods and wood scrap all machinery from Vecoplan also processes paper, cardboard, energy crops and agricultural bi-products, any type of biomass, plastics, and a broad range of other feedstocks. Whatever your application, Vecoplan can provide the complete solution, including all system components, installation, start-up and training, as well as ongoing parts and service.

For more information contact Vecoplan at: Phone: 336.861.6070; Email: [email protected] or visit our website at VecoplanLLC.com

Source: VecoplanLLC

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