The United States and Canada have been important export markets for Vauth-Sagel for many decades now. Particularly over the past few, economically-difficult years, the owner- run company has not only been able to retain its markets, its customers and its employees, it has also managed to restructure its business operations in North America. In a first step, a joint-venture was founded, which is now being continued by a dedicated American trading company. The newly-established company will now directly supply customers not only with country-specific system components, but also the complete global ‘Made in Germany’ range.

Vauth-Sagel USA FoundedSystems component manufacturer Vauth-Sagel – based in the east Westphalian town of Brakel-Erkeln – has been producing several plastic products for the local market at the US location of Greensboro/North Carolina since March 2010, including round shelves for corner carousels, for example. In an initial step, Vauth-Sagel set up a new, effective cooperation structure with a local manufacturing partner. On the basis of this structure, which has been accepted by the market, Vauth-Sagel has now initiated the next important step and has established its own business, which is located in High Point/North Carolina. This company is a trading organisation with an attached warehouse comprising a broad range of products designed for the American furniture sector. In addition to this facility, Vauth- Sagel operates another warehouse in Chino/California, allowing the company to provide west-coast customers with fast and efficient delivery.

The product range offers special solutions for the kitchen furniture specific to the US and which continues to be manufactured by the American production partner exclusively for Vauth- Sagel. Furthermore, customers now have access to the entire range of Vauth-Sagel’s ‘Made in Germany’ storage solutions, such as the HSA, VSA and DUSA tall cabinet drawers, the broad range of side drawer systems and the numerous corner cabinet variants, for example. To this end, the configuration of these products can cater to specific customer requirements, such as basket bottom designs or widths, for example. “In an economically-difficult time, we have decided to focus on the American market and have restructured our operations. With the establishment of our own company, we are now embarking on the next phase. We believe we have a promising future with our new structure, our innovative products, our new customers and the improving economic environment”, summarises Managing Director Heinz-Otto Sagel, commenting on the newlyfounded company.

Experienced sales team with direct customer contact

Around ten people are active for Vauth-Sagel in North America. Frank Fahnenschmidt runs the sales and distribution team in the US. He is supported by nine further members of the sales and distribution team, which provide nationwide cover. In close collaboration with our American manufacturing partner and the parent company in Germany, this guarantees both targeted sales and distribution and ensures a sound distribution structure.

Vauth-Sagel: For over 50 years, the owner-run family company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing system components of various materials for the medical/care, automotive and caravanning sectors as well as innovative storage space systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. Furthermore, the company offers complete office and care solutions for customers across the globe. To this end, Vauth-Sagel specifically deploys its many years of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic material competencies. Around 850 employees develop and manufacture far more than 85 million ‘Made in Germany’ quality products each year. In-house logistics and a global sales and distribution team round off the tailored range of products and services for clients throughout the world.

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