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PAM Trading

Taking on the specific requirements of its customers is one of Vauth-Sagel’s special strengths. And it is this very strength that the company wishes to considerably intensify within the US market in the future. For this reason, Vauth-Sagel has decided to restructure its operations within the American market. Founding a joint venture will permit the wishes of American customers to be catered to more comfortably, more directly and faster in the future. The kick-off to this restructuring program is the company’s very own trade fair participation in the firm’s history at the IWF in Atlanta in August 2012. The focus of the Vauth-Sagel trade fair stand was on the restructuring of the sales and distribution organization along with product innovations for the US market.

Systems component manufacturer Vauth-Sagel – based in the east Westphalian town of Brakel-Erkeln – has been producing several plastic products for the local market at the US location of Greensboro/North Carolina since March 2010. “The basic program for our entire product portfolio is available for all countries. If specific countries have special requirements, it goes without saying that we cater to these for the respective market. As is now the case for the US American region, whose carcass widths, basket variants and country-specific ‘face frame’ construction represent a special challenge for us”, explains Managing Director Claus Sagel.

PAM – our new production and distribution partner

To further expand the production facilities and the sales and distribution system in the USA, Vauth-Sagel has now forged a new cooperation structure in collaboration with PAM Trading. The Kernersville-based plastics-processing company PAM Trading has already been manufacturing the VSusan plastic Lazy Susan for Vauth-Sagel since August 2010. Due to the excellent experience over the many years of cooperation, both partner companies are reorienting themselves in August 2012 and founding a joint venture – PAM Trading dba Vauth-Sagel America. From now on, PAM will not only manufacture individual items, such as the plastic Lazy Susan, it will also function as the national distribution center for kitchen fittings systems produced by Vauth-Sagel in Germany. Our delivery capacity within the USA is now guaranteed through the national industry know-how of its well-known partner. With this new cooperation, Vauth-Sagel is endeavoring to replicate its own perfectionism in production and adapt the sales and distribution of its products to the special requirements of the American market.

Experienced sales and distribution team with direct customer contact

Key Account Manager Frank Fahnenschmidt runs the sales and distribution team in the USA. He is supported by David Greenkorn along with eight further members of the sales and distribution team, which provide nationwide cover. Fahnenschmidt – who was born in Germany – has been working in the furniture industry for 22 years now. He has been a US resident since 2000 and is as familiar with the local kitchen furniture sector as he is with its specific requirements. Frank Fahnenschmidt is now assuming the running of the new sales and distribution office in Florida, with the objective of providing intensive and direct market development. In close collaboration with PAM Trading, this will guarantee both targeted sales and distribution and create a sound distribution structure.

With this move, Vauth-Sagel has set itself the target of expanding its export activities. “We are looking into the future with great optimism and are anticipating a considerable pickup in the kitchen market in the United States. With our new strategy of focusing more strongly on the customer, we are now very well positioned and will be able to secure ourselves a larger market share. Despite difficult overall economic conditions, this restructuring can only accelerate our market growth”, comments Claus Sagel.

About Vauth-Sagel:

For over 50 years, the owner-run family company develops and manufactures system components of various materials for the automotive and caravanning and the medical/care sectors as well as innovative storage space systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. To this end, Vauth-Sagel specifically deploys its many years of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic material competencies. Around 600 employees develop and manufacture 85 million “Made in Germany” quality products each year. In-house logistics and a global sales and distribution team round off the tailored range of products and services for clients throughout the world.

Source: Vauth-Sagel

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