Unique Machine & Tool Company marks its 45th anniversary and the introduction of its new building with additional land, expanding the Phoenix, Arizona “Campus” in 2014.

The acquisition of adjacent land with additional buildings for continued manufacturing expansion in 2014 is the latest step on the path of growth for Unique. The economy hit many in the industry very hard in recent years, a number of which did not survive. However, Unique being a debt free and strong fiscally conservative company has steadily driven out of the recession with purpose, focus and growth.

Unique began as a company building accessories for the woodworking industry.

Then in 1979 the Unique and Original Door Machine was developed. The Model 250’s “One Man, Two Minutes, One Door” slogan has prevailed for 35 years selling thousands of these simple yet safe and effective machines all over the world.

In 1990 the company was purchased by the current owners who had a vision of expanding the company from a single well known product to a variety of machines specifically built for the Solid Wood Door Manufacturer. The shape and sand was the next step in the process and many machines, designs and improvements have been made over time, most of which are based specifically on existing loyal customer feedback.

Unique Goes Green in 2008! Unique builds quality machinery that will mechanically outlast the electronics and or software originally installed in the equipment. By offering to recycle rather than scraping a quality machine at the end of life, Unique Machine & Tool presented economic solutions. An existing Unique customer or new client who may have inherited or purchased used may send their Unique Machine in for a rebuild and new life with updated controls provided by Mitsubishi Electric.

Unique is a complete US manufacturer that has always produced its machinery from the ground up in Phoenix, Arizona. Unique has its own welding, CNC machine shop and electrical controls assembly departments located on its campus. Unique controls the quality of its machinery by producing every assembly and testing every machine right here in the USA before shipping them out to distributors and clients world-wide.

For many years Unique has proven to be a leader in the Solid Wood Door Machinery by focusing intensely on this industry exclusively, listening to our loyal customer base and developing machinery the industry demands. The strong leadership, experienced personnel and quality products have allowed Unique to stand the test of time and rise to the top over its 45 year history.

Source: Unique Machine & Tool Company

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