BURNSVILLE, MN -- USP Structural Connectors, a MiTek-US company, today announced it has launched a new line of five high-performance epoxy anchoring solutions, with applications ranging from heavy-industrial seismic and wind applications to household projects. The five new products are:

• CIA-GEL 7000-C, Code-Compliant Epoxy is designed for tension and shear loads due to wind or earthquake (Seismic Design Category C–F). CIA-GEL 7000-C is designed to attach anchor bolts into concrete that is, or may become, cracked due to cyclic loading from wind or earthquakes. CIA-GEL 7000-C may also be used with fully grouted CMU construction. This low-odor, solvent-free, non-shrink, non-sag adhesive is dispensed (1:1 ratio) through cartridges that are sealed with a D-plug designed for easy opening; partially used cartridges can be saved for later use.

• CIA-GEL 7000 Masonry-Approved Epoxy is designed to attach anchor bolts into fully grouted concrete masonry units (CMU). CIA-GEL 7000 has ICC-ES AC58 approval for seismic, sustained load, elevated temperature, and freeze-thaw suitability conditions. It can also be used to install anchor bolts into uncracked concrete and reinforced brick. Low-odor, solvent-free, and non-shrink, this two-component adhesive is mixed in a 1:1 ratio and dispensed through a mixing nozzle, which is provided. The cartridges are sealed with a D-plug design for easy opening; partially used cartridges can be saved for later use.

• CIA-GEL 6000-GP General Purpose - Quick Cure Epoxy is a high-performance epoxy designed for general-purpose structural applications that require quick load times and for doweling applications that require state DOT approval. CIA-GEL 6000-GP is a two-component (1:1 ratio) adhesive epoxy with 100% solids. It is solvent-free, moisture-insensitive, and non-sag, with no odor. CIA-GEL 6000-GP can be used in temperatures between 35°F and 115°F, with exceptional bond strength: 3,400 psi in two days @ 75°F. The working time is 20 minutes @ 75°F.

• CIA-EA Epoxy Acrylate Structural Adhesive is a high-strength, fast-cure structural adhesive for anchoring threaded rod and deformed rebar into uncracked concrete. It can be used in colder temperatures (32°F), yet still maintain excellent flowability. CIA-EA may also be used with fully grouted CMU and reinforced brick construction. It is a two-component solution, composed of a proprietary blend of solvent-free epoxy acrylate resin. Approved for static, wind, and seismic (SDC A-B) loads for uncracked concrete, CIA-EA cures in 40 minutes (68°F to 95°F). Partially used cartridges may be resealed for later use.

• Miracle Bond is a high-strength, two-component epoxy specifically designed to be a bonding agent for nearly all household materials including wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone, and CMU block. It is moisture insensitive and can also be used to fill cracks in concrete, block, and stone. Miracle Bond has a strength of over 1,000 psi in two days, with a quick initial cure of two hours @75° F. Working time is a convenient 20 minutes. Plus, the non-sag formulation makes Miracle Bond excellent for overhead patching and repairs.

“USP Structural Connectors has a long history of epoxy engineering and development dating back to its Covert Injectable Adhesives product line. These new formulations are leading edge and developed to meet future job site and code requirements. We couldn’t be more proud of this exceptional line of epoxy, and we firmly believe we now offer industry-leading stand-out solutions in every category,” said USP’s Marty Ruch, who led the Company’s epoxy product development.

Dealer contact: Marty Ruch: 952-898-8688, [email protected]; customer service: 800-328-5934.

About USP Structural Connectors:

Since 1954, USP Structural Connectors (a division of MiTek) has become the world’s leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, anchors, epoxy and innovative software solutions for the residential, commercial building and DIY markets. With safety and quality foremost in mind, USP delivers over 4,000 products, backed by professional engineering, technical support and international sales teams. In USP’s quest to build stronger, safer structures, the Company is dedicated to providing its customers with a competitive advantage. USP is headquartered in Burnsville, MN. Learn more: USPConnectors.com

About MiTek:

MiTek is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art engineered products, software, and services for the residential building components industry. The Company prides itself on providing the competitive edge for each of its customers. Although MiTek’s operations are global, its business focus is always local, and the Company has a well-earned reputation for customer dedication. Every product and service MiTek delivers is designed to answer real customer needs. MiTek is a Berkshire Hathaway Co. Learn more: MiTek-US.com.

Source: USP Structural Connectors

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