ST. LOUIS – Various performance and environmental attributes have made U.S. soy popular among product manufacturers. Last year, the United Soybean Board (USB) partnered with manufacturers to commercialize 38 new soy-based products and ingredients.

“We’ve been working for over 20 years on new uses for soy in product applications, and right now we’re on the verge of even more of these taking off,” says USB Vice Chairman Bob Haselwood, a soybean farmer from Kansas.

Manufacturers use soybeans to replace petrochemicals and make their products more renewable and more environmentally friendly. Soybean components also maintain and, in some cases, exceed performance standards. Soy products often contain fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional products. Soybean oil can also provide excellent solvency and lubricity.

The list of products developed with USB support in 2013 includes new additions to some popular soy-based product categories, such as coatings, adhesives, and plastics. It also includes soy-based feedstocks with the potential to impact the creation of countless products.

Click here to browse USB’s Soy Products Guide, an online catalog of the thousands of currently available soy-based products, ingredients and manufacturers.

New soy-based products and ingredients introduced in 2013 as a result of USB support include:


MASEO (Maleinated Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil) – a soy oil-based resin suitable for high temperature cure composite applications from Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

Innergy™ Rigid Thermal Reinforcements – a pultruded fiberglass and soy-based urethane

insert that slides into window frame chambers for greater support and insulation, marketed by Deceuninck North America.

INFIGREEN® Recycled Polyols – containing soy-based polyols, produced by Emery Oleochemicals.


SoBind™ Balance – for coatings, adhesives and multiple uses, by DuPont™ Soy Polymers.

Varathane Diamond Floor – a wood floor coating containing soy flour by Rust-Oleum®.

G.E.T. Biobased Safety Yellow – a zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coating that contains soy oil, biodiesel glycerin and soy methyl ester, by Niemann & Associates.

ProClassic® - a multipurpose water-based soy acrylic alkyd primer, satin deck and siding product line by Sherwin-Williams.

Pro-Park® - soy-based parking lot paint by Sherwin-Williams in black, blue, red, white, and yellow.


Meta-Tec® Products – 11 soy-based adhesive products for floor covering installations including carpet, resilient flooring and wood adhesives developed by W. F. Taylor Company.

PSA64MA – a soy-based product used in textile cone adhesives, by Applied Protein Systems.

Millenium One Step™ Green Insulation Adhesive – a soy-based, all weather adhesive by ADCO.

Elemental – a soy-based wood composite adhesive that is formaldehyde-free, available from States Industries.


PSA35MA – a soy-based product for coated paperboard applications, by Applied Protein Systems.

SUNKOTE® AU 4203 and 4240 – soy-based products that are used as lubricants for paper and paperboard coatings, byOmnova Solutions.


Armeen® S – a corrosion inhibitor for oilfields by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.

Ethomeen® S/12 – a cleansing surfactant for oilfields and dry cleaning by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.

Arquad® SV 60 PG – an Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry foaming, antistatic, emulsifier, wetting agent for laundry products.

Larostat® 264A – an antistat agent that holds a textile products together, by BASF Corp.

Agnique® SBO 10 – an etholoxylated soy oil use as adjuvant/emulsifier in agricultural applications, manufactured by BASF Corp.

Comperlan® VOD – a BASF Corp. surfactant thickener for personal care preparations.

Prifac™ 8953 – an emulsifying agent for household products by Croda, Inc.

HY-3200 Emulsiyfing Soy Wax – an emulsifying agent for personal care products by Dow Corning Corp.

SERADOX NAD 20 – an antitstatic for softening/emulsifying personal care products by Elementis Specialties.

LAMCHEM™ PE-130 K – a feedstock that improves the taste of food products and also serves as a pressure lubricant on metals, by Lambent Technologies Corp.

Lipovol® SOY – adds a soft lubricious skin-feel to personal care products, by Lipo Chemicals, Inc.

Chemonic™ SI-7Surfacant – a viscosity builder/foam stabilizer by Lubrizol Corp. for personal care products.

Schercomid™ SLL – a fatty acid diethanolamide personal care emulsifier by Lubrizol Corp.

Schercoquat™ SOAS-PG – a hair conditioner for personal care by Lubrizol Corp.

Quatrex™ S Conditioning Agent – a conditioning agent for personal care products byLubrizol Corp.

Amidex™ S Surfactant – helps create personal care products that exhibit foam and skin-feel properties analogous to soap. Available from Lubrizol Corp.

Chembetaine™ S-FA Surfactant – adds special properties for personal care products. Manufactured and marketed by Lubrizol Corp.

Chemoxide™ SO Surfactant – offets hard water in household/personal care use – Lubrizol Corp.

Potassium Soyate – a soy soap with glycerin as a moisturizer, by Lubrizol Corp.

ACCOSOFT® 750 – used as a fabric softener for laundry by Stepan Company.

PETROSTEP® Q-50S – a unique ingredient used in oilfields as a down-hole corrosion inhibitor by Stepan Company.


SoBind™ HARMONY (personal care products), Impression (flexographic inks), and CLARITY (leather finishing products) compliment the Procote® Product Family line from DuPont™ Soy Polymers.

The 70 farmer-directors of USB oversee the investments of the soy checkoff to maximize profit opportunities for all U.S. soybean farmers. These volunteers invest and leverage checkoff funds to increase the value of U.S. soy meal and oil, to ensure U.S. soybean farmers and their customers have the freedom and infrastructure to operate, and to meet the needs of U.S. soy’s customers. As stipulated in the federal Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act, the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service has oversight responsibilities for USB and the soy checkoff.

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