NHLA Chinese Lumber Grading Class with Instructor Norman Murray in Memphis,TN
NHLA Chinese Lumber Grading Class with Instructor Norman Murray in Memphis,TN

FLORENCE, Italy - The International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing (ISCHP) will be held October 7-9 in Florence, Italy. This conference brings together scientists, government representatives and hardwood experts from all over the globe to discuss new developments and best practices.

The conference, held every two years, is part of the continuing series of conferences previously held in Canada (2007), France (2009) and the USA (2011). The main objective of this conference is to bring together the scientific and research communities working on hardwood, from the source to the customer, to share knowledge and ideas. International experts, scientists, government employees, hardwood industry representatives, suppliers and customers will be in attendance to discuss recent progress and innovative work that benefit and improve hardwood processing.

Topics to be covered by ISCHP 2013 include Hardwood Forestry Practices & Wood Quality, Hardwood Product Development and Hardwood Processing & Optimization. Norman Murray, CEO of U-C Coatings Corporation, Buffalo, NY, USA, will present a paper on “Improving Hardwood Production Yields and Conserving Resources with Proper End Sealing”. Mr. Murray has been promoting and providing wood protection for over 30 years. He is a past president and current Board member of the Hardwood Forest Foundation. He is also a member of the Tropical Forest Foundation and the International Wood Products Association (IWPA).

This summer, the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) held its first Lumber Inspector Training School solely for Chinese participants. Chinese firms such as Dongguan Yisan Wood Co. Ltd., Tianrun International Wood Co. Ltd., SunGem Lumber Co. and HeHe Lumber Co. Ltd., sent representatives to train at the NHLA headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The school was held from July 15 through August 15th and run by Richard Hascher, theNHLA Inspector Training School instructor.

Included in the instructionwas “End Sealer – A Short Course”, given by Norman Murray. “Communication and sharing of ideas is key to international business relations and I was pleased to speak at the globally recognized NHLA Lumber grading school”, remarked Mr. Murray. The participants were shown how proper end sealing is an important part of effective hardwood production. The discussion included the general structure of wood and how it dries after being cut, and as well as types of defects that can occur. Various research studies were referenced to show how quickly drying defects will occur in different wood species, and how end sealer protects wood against these defects. The important attributes of effective end sealers were presented as well as proper application techniques. End sealer usage-and-benefit calculators were used to relate the conservation of valuable wood and the monetary returns possible from increased hardwood yield.

Mr. Murray looks forward to meeting with timber industry leaders at these other upcoming events: the FMC China 2013 exhibition in Shanghai and the 3rd Global Timber & Wood Products Trade Conference in Guangzhou, China.


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