New Lenox, IL - Local custom cabinetry company Tri Star Cabinets has returned from attending the International Woodworking Fair, held this year in Atlanta, Georgia, from Aug. 19-23.

The company also purchased a new machine that will make the production of custom wood cabinets more efficient, and therefore more cost effective for their clients.

“There's so much more new technology coming out,” said Tri Star Cabinets President Joseph Wilda Jr., regarding why his company’s participation in such events benefits his customers.

Companies attend the IWF, one of the world’s largest woodworking fairs, in order to educate themselves on new machinery, materials and supplies becoming available in the industry. Exhibitors at the fair this year included cabinetry companies, furniture makers, machinery distributors and construction material manufacturers.

Attendees come from industries such as home furnishing design, custom closet installation, countertop fabrication, kitchen and bath cabinetry design, engineered wood product development and custom door manufacturing. The event also included education sessions to help businesses improve their manufacturing techniques, business management and marketing.

“We wanted to see firsthand the different types of wood and materials being used this year,” said Wilda.

Both the housing market and the custom home remodeling industry have seen significant gains in the past year. According to data from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, spending on home remodeling is on track to surpass its peak point of $145 billion, reached in 2006 just before the housing bubble burst, by the end of 2014.

“Business is picking up, and we're seeing more orders for custom wood cabinets in newly built homes as opposed to orders for people opting for an upgrade to their old home,” Wilda said. “This shows us that the housing market is finally starting to pick up steam."

About Tri Star Cabinets

Tri Star Cabinets specializes in custom cabinetry solutions. The company offers specialty woodworking pieces in the form of libraries, fireplaces, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers and more. Tri Star Cabinets also has a number of countertop solutions available. To learn more, visit

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