Des Moines, Iowa - "Local craftsmen in Central and South American countries have the skills and perseverance but lack the proper tools and business education to provide for their families," says Gene Pedersen, President of Tools for Opportunity.

Pedersen says that craftsmen will often make their own hand tools from scrap items. His non-profit organization has been working to get donated tools from the United States into the hands of these woodworkers.

"Providing good, reliable tools enables these woodworkers to create a better product with a higher level of craftsmanship," Pedersen states. "Now we have to educate them on common business practices such as cost of supplies and labor to calculate a selling price to generate profits they can put back into their business and also enable them to feed their families."

The group is planning a trip in October that will feature a two-day hands-on seminar with the local craftsmen. The group will be demonstrating how to use a router and router table to speed up production and produce a high-quality product. Many of these craftsmen have never seen a router.

The seminar attendees will be using benchtop router tables and routers donated by the Kreg Tool Company in Huxley, Iowa.

"Our goal is to provide these craftsmen with the know-how and business sense to make a positive economic impact for their communities," Pedersen says.

Tools for Opportunity is a tax-exempt 501(3)(c) non-profit organization founded by Gene Pedersen.

Source: Tools for Opportunity

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